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Hatsuyuki HF 500DC Ice Shaver
Hatsuyuki HF100

The Hatsuyuki HF100 block ice shaver is the Gold Standard by which all other ice shavers are compared. It shaves ice as fresh as fallen snow. Our machine is DC powered, so, no electricity is required! It's NSF approved and UL listed. By far, it is the best shaver on the Island.

At 'Island Sno Creations' we pride ourselves in using only the best equipment to make our 'Hawaiian Shave Ice'.

We've gone GREEN!

We use bio-compostable spoons, staws & cups. Why? Because they are better for you, me and this great big island we call earth!

Our spoons are made of corn starch and the cups are made from a corn derivative & other renewable plant material such as sugarcane & reed. Now that's pretty cool!

We hope that someday every party & every backyard BBQ will use bio-compostable products!!!

Swan Ice Shaver
Swan SI 100e

The Swan SI 100e is another top of the line model we use. It rivals many other brands and is also NSF approved and is AC powered. If you are a 'Hawaiian Shave Ice'   connoisseur, you'll love it's 'snowy' consistency.

'Island Sno' offers a variety of delicious flavors.

And due to popular request, we now carry Flavors made with...

Splenda Logo

available in Pineapple, Orange, Cherry and Raspberry!
'Island Sno' Flavors
Mango Guava Root Beer
Cherry Green Apple Strawberry
Banana Passion Fruit Blue Vanilla
Blue Raspberry Piña Colada Watermelon

Halo Halo

If you've never heard of it, you're in for a treat. It's a mix of coconut, Jack Fruit, UBE (purple yam), rice crispies and sometimes flan (egg custard), garbanzo and kidney beans. It's topped off with shave ice, evaporated milk and a scoop of ice cream. This tasty dessert will soon be available at 'Island Sno Creations' !